Extreme customization, the way you would want!

Trinity Sky Villas is an excellent venture that offers residents luxurious duplex homes spread over the 22nd and the 23rd floor. Built with the right blend of architecture and technology coupled with contemporary elegance, each villa is handcrafted in detail to provide you the benefit of living in a spacious house equipped with adequate facilities to meet your requirements.

Manjeera’s focus is not restricted to just building homes but to create a vibrant community that offers residents ‘quality of life’ which opens new opportunities. And this is exactly what you find at Trinity Sky Villas – A community that is well balanced, integrated, sustainable and well connected.

The perquisites at Sky Villas don’t just stop there. You have the perfect opportunity to fully customize your house and design it to suit your needs. Live in the sophistication of international class and added amenities; own personal space in the tranquility of your home and an impeccable view leading to a ‘picture-perfect life’.

With no restrictions on the depth of customization, adapt your spacious home to fit your lifestyle and match your elite tastes and preferences. From cabinets to carpets, living area to kitchen, exclusive features such as flooring, tiles and windows, you can personalize every inch of the house ‘the way you want!’ Apart from unique architectural elevations, Sky Villas offer extreme customization and flexibility so you can distinguish your home and make it one of a kind. It not only enhances the living space but also your living experience.

Get in your comfort zone and own your personal space in the customized house that is ‘as exquisite as you are!’ Invite your family and friends to the beautifully tailored and precisely crafted house designed by YOU – making the experience more rewarding and satisfying, that provides exceptional value for money and makes a difference!

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