Best amenities including a sky pool – fully loaded and ready

Trinity Sky Villas are located on the top most floors of Manjeera Trinity homes. Based in Kukatpally, these nine signature duplex apartments are part of Manjeera’s exclusive project that comprises of residential, commercial as well as entertainment blocks all within the same vicinity. Located on the 22nd and the 23rd floor, this unique outline has multiple benefits from beautifully designed homes, shopping centers, dining and entertainment facilities, all in the same locality.

Manjeera’s exertion to provide qualitative provisions and exclusive social infrastructure requirements can be perceived at Trinity Sky Villas. It has attempted and succeeded in developing a sustainable community in terms of amenities and services. A sense of local belonging is identified, where you can involve in social activities that leads to a healthy and vibrant community.

Apart from a magnificent view from the top floor, all local services and amenities are right around the corner to make life easy and more convenient. Manjeera’s Trinity Mall - adjacent to Sky villas is vividly styled to meet all your social requirements effortlessly.

Pre-eminent amenities at Trinity Sky Villas include:

  • A stunning terrace swimming pool so you can literally feel on ‘top of the world’. Indulge in these rich pleasures at your residence while enjoying fabulous views overlooking the city.
  • A spectacular terrace garden to help you connect with nature where you can unwind yourself amidst aromatic flowers and the gentle breeze! Contemplate at the skyline view and delight yourself in the beautiful environmental experience.
  • A world-class equipped gym and health club built efficiently for you to execute your favourite fitness regimes and stay in great shape without having to travel any farther from your block. Listen to your favourite music while working out your muscles and rejuvenating your mind.
  • A completely ‘stocked snack bar’ to munch on your favourite food items any time you like. Most activities make you hungry and sometimes lazy. At Sky villas you don’t have to walk far; head right out to the snack bar and grab a bite of healthy delicacies.
  • Accessible by the community, our library is the perfect place for you to get your peace of mind, gather knowledge, source information and to facilitate group study in case of examinations. Explore the different genres of books, imagine, interact and make connections; build partnerships and share ideas; all in one place without having to worry about travel or time.
  • A versatile and multi-functional meeting lounge for you to meet colleagues, friends, relatives or guests. With a comfortable lounge seating and other necessary amenities, this ideal place offers a cosy and relaxed space.
  • An operational medical centre to attend to your emergency needs 24x7. Staffed and functional, it provides you all the medical care you might require at all times.
  • Spaciously designed banquet hall with adequate facilities, makes it the perfect venue to host parties for social gatherings, get-together parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations, functions, events and other occasions like business meets or conferences.
  • An organized crèche to take care of your child in your absence or in case of any emergency. Health and safety measures are undertaken to provide kids with utmost care and guidance in the presence of a qualified mentor.
  • A well designed and well maintained ‘tot lot’ within the community for children to play and enjoy. It also gives a chance for kids to learn, meet new friends, open up, and mingle with other kids. The playground area is specifically designed to contribute to a safe and healthy environment for recreation.
  • An exclusive Men’s and Women’s parlour to meet all your beauty requirements and treatments. Rejuvenate and relax yourself with spa and massage therapies in the same locality.

Apart from these specialties offered at Trinity Sky Villas, entertain yourself to leisure activities such as billiards and pool, table tennis, carroms, etc, at the indoor gaming section in our club house; outdoor games such as badminton and basketball surrounded by well sustained, beautifully mowed lawns - ideal for a sit-out or a walk in the park and a consumer store in the same precinct to fulfil your household requirements.

Fully loaded and ready with services for easy access and convenience, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in these services that are adjacent to your doorstep. Experience these best amenities everyday at Purple Town Villas.

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