Comfort, warmth and contemporary elegance is how you can sum up the design of your Trinity Sky Villa. Built with a meticulous eye for detail and seamlessly merging technology into the architectural fabric, every villa has been hand-crafted with modern-day eco smart space sensibilities.

Manjeera Trinity stands tall amidst the buzzing milieu of Kukatpally, but your villa is way above the chaos on the sky and still never far away from nature’s abundance. With sophistication of international class and facilities to match up, all you need to think about is the majority of a sunrise or the tranquility of a sunset painted across the sky just for you.

Terrace Swimming Pool: The height of relaxation. Suspend your senses and immerse yourself in the shimmering blues with the reflection of the sun.

Oasis- Clubhouse: Experience comforts of international standards, eliminating the exhaustion of day-to-day- work like.

Gym & Health Club: Explore refreshed life with good health. We made sure that you have enough options to stay fit for every new day.

Snack Bar: Satisfy your senses with exotic tastes. Sometimes, indulgence is not sin.

Library: Make new friends every time you step in. There’s nothing better than a good read on a bright Sunday afternoon.

Meeting Lounge: Meet up, chat up or even hold offline business meetings at your convenience. Business can also be pleasure.

Medical Centre: Healthcare available at your fingertips. A doc on call at all times.